Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Medorbis App

Rannlab.com Cashback!! Cashback!! Cashback!!
We have another hackathon for you. We launched our recent #app "medorbis".
Test this app, find the #bugs to get the #cashback.
Activities to Perform:
1. Download the App
Link to download or you can direct search "Medorbis" on play store.
2. Register yourself. Your profile will be activated within 30 minutes of the registration.
3. Create at least 5 orders with minimum 10 products with in a order.
4. Find the bugs and improvement in the app.
Rules to Participate:
1. You must be a student of Institution of session 2017-18
2. You have to find out atleast 5 bugs and record them.
3. Bugs must be unique from our end. i.e. we will accept your bugs if we did get those bugs from other participants before.
4 will choose the winners on the basis of FCFS.
5. You have to submit the bugs and recorded video to info@rannlab.com with your college latest ID and your latest pic.
You can download our App: Medorbis